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No matter the project size, big or small, simple or complex, we listen to our clients and partners, and try to provide the best professional advice we can to help them achieve their goals.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for such superior performance in the design and construction on our home located in Cape Carteret. I have owned several homes and can say with all certainty that Bluewater Builders team craftsmanship and attention to detail is some of the top in industry. My family and I could not be more satisfied with the job that you and your team provided us and want to thank you for such a fantastic experience.

Donald E. Pierce

Just ask Joe Barber of western Carteret County, who moved into his third Bluewater built home in 2001. “The quality of the workmanship is unreal,” says Joe, who spent years working to regulate building codes for the state. “He’s probably the best builder I’ve ever worked with,” Joe says of Sherrell. “He does not cut corners.”

Joe Barber

NC Department of Insurance, Engineering Division

“We’ve been very happy” says Debbie, who has been in her Bluewater home since 2001. She and her husband spent two years watching area builder’s work before settling on Bluewater for their Emerald Isle home. After their research, they have no regrets. Debbie Brown says her husband, Richard, former Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance at East Carolina University, looked for workmanship and telltales signs of quality such as copper flashing and large structural beams – and he liked what he saw Bluewater doing. “He could see that they were good, quality builders” she says. “They didn’t skimp on the bones of the house.”

Richard and Debbie Brown

Former engineer Hans and his wife Mary were careful in selecting their builder for their nineteenth home, embarking upon a competitive bidding process with four companies before choosing Bluewater. “We wanted somebody we could trust,” says Mary. She and her husband have been in their new home since July 2003 and they are particularly pleased with the Bluewater crew that crafted their home. “They were superior workers,” says Mary. “They did things that were planned and were willing to put in ideas that we had on our own,” she says. “And they’re particular about doing things the right way.”

Hans and Mary Van Welzen

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